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Car Test Quiz

So you want to know how much gear oil pumps through your veins. Below is a quick test that will rank just how much of a GREASE MONKEY you really are!

Welcome to the CAR ENTHUSIAST TEST. Check every box that applies to you.
I have.....

 Ditched a girl to work on a car
 Ditched out of a party to work on a car
 Gone to a car meet
 Rebuilt my own engine
 Spent over an hour on car forums
 Posted video's on my car on Youtube
 Raced my car on the street,
       and on the track
 "cruised" the local strip
 Modified at least 3 things on my car
 Washed my car at least once a month
 Installed an audio system in my car
 Done donuts in a parking lot with a stupid grin on my face
 Stopped to read car magazines in the grocery store
 Over $1,000 dollars in tools
 Aftermarket Rims + Tires
 gone on a car local car cruise
 Rolled down my window and asked someone if its got a hemi
 rebuilt the bottom end of a motor
 gaped my own rings before
 degreed my cams
 built a stroker motor
 ported and gasket matched my head
 installed my own clutch and flywheel
 modified my fuel system for more fuel
 installed safety equipment in my car
 run an alternative fuel in my car
 been to/participated in street racing
 wanted a lift in my garage since age 16
 entered my car in a car show
 been to a professional race before

I know what.....
 "FI" stands for
 a F-body is
 drifting a car means
 engine braking is
 what a rotary motor is
 -8 AN is referring to
 solid axle means compared to irs.
carburetor jets are
 stoich means
 what A/F stoic is with gasoline
 the difference between inducer and exducer on turbo's is
 a "cat" on a car is
 drive by wire is
 Toyota's luxury brand is
 Honda's luxury brand is
 GM's luxury brand is
 brake boosting is
 *where* the apex is located
 dropping or dumping the clutch means
 the difference between a supercharger and turbocharger is
 octane ratings mean
 Hemi got its name from
 427 stands for
 FI and N/A stand for
 the lph rating of a fuel pump means
 a turbo compressor map is and how to read it
 20w50 stands for with oils
 the difference between dino oil and synthetic oil is
 2-step is
 Anti-lag is (not to be confused with 2-step)
 OHC vs pushrods is
 the slave cylinder is
 wheel hop is
 Three on the tree means
 Four on the floor is

I know who....
  Danica Patrick is
 Michael Schumacher is
 Dale Earnhardt is
 Jeff Gordon is
 Carroll Shelby is
 Ayrton Senna is

I currently watch or have seen....
 Horsepower TV on spike
 Formula 1 Racing
 World Rally Championship (WRC)
 Any other form of racing including boats or motorcycles

I have seen...
 American Graffiti
 Smokey and The Bandit
 Gone In Sixty Seconds
 The Italian Job
 Fast & Furious
     *BONUS* seen all the F&F Movies opening night
 The Gumball Rally
 Mad Max
 Days Of Thunder
 Death Race
 The Transporter
 Talladega Nights

I currently....
 Change my own oil
 Do my own tune-up
 have a "system" in my car
 change car fluids early just to be sure
 park in the back of parking lots so no one parks next to me
 wear car related clothing
 own a model of a car

 I am a Female (click the next 4 boxes THIS IS WORTH 4 POINTS)
 Currently Run E85 or Racegas
 Run R compound tires on the street
 Like the smell of Race Gas


So how do you rank:

Might have seen a car before...........(0-15)
Dated someone who was into cars so you got this far...(16-30)
Is just starting to get into the hobby or not fully invested yet........(31-65)
A solid entry level Car Guy/Gal..............(66-79)
Its Decided, YOUR INTO CARS.........(80-90)
You, my friend, are a Grease Monkey.......(91-100)
Grease flows through your veins.......(100-101)
Your dedicated passion will eventually lead to your divorce..(101+)


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