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Advanced Engine Tuning Categories

Engine Basics Advanced Engine TuningEngine Basics Advanced Engine TuningEngine Basics Advanced Engine TuningEngine Basics Advanced Engine Tuning


Topics On Advanced Engine Tuning

Intake Manifold Runner Length Tunning Torque Curve Power
1. Intake Runner Tuning
Engine Relay Car Automotive Fuel Pump Rewire Mod Voltage Boost
2. How to wire a dedicated Fuel Pump Relay

Valve Stem Seals Changing Modifying Engine Auto
3. Changing Valve Seals and Spring in motor
Compression Ratio Gauge Static Vs Dynamic
4. Static Vs. Dynamic Compression Ratio
E85 Flex Fuel Ethanol Tuning
5. Basics of E85
Oxygen Sensor O2 Gauge Reading Meter Air Fuel A/F Open Closed Loop Wideband Narrowband
6. Tuning A/F Mixtures
Radiator Cooling Overheating Water Temps Temperatures
7. What Cooling mods REALLY work
Cam Gear Tuning Timing Overlap Duration Advance Retard
8. Cam Gear Tuning and Timing
Nitrous Oxide Systems NOS Dryshot Wetshot Jets Bottle Pressure
9. Wet vs Dry Nitrous Set-ups
Nitrous Oxide Molecule Injection Chemistry Oxygen Nitrogen Horsepower
10. Understanding Nitrous Oxide
Electronic Power Steering Conversion Swap Installation
11. Electronic Power Steering Conversion
Engine Blue Printing Cutaway Fuel Injection
12. Engine Blueprinting Explained
Exhaust Cutout Valve Variable Exhaust Pressure Volume Control
13. Exhaust Cutout Basics
Surge Tank Vacuum Oil Sump Airator Accumulator Coolant Oil
14. Surge Tanks (Aux Fuel Cell )
Fuel Line Fittings AN Standard Oil Coolant Flexable Hose Sizing
15. Fuel Line Sizing for Gas + Alternative Based Fuels
Cryo Cooling Intercooler Fuel Lower Intake Air Temps liquid Co2 Carbon
16. Cryo Liquid Co2 Cooling
Nitrous Oxide NOS Fogger Wet Setup Fuel Mixer
17. What a Fogger Nitrous system is and how to Install
Dry Sump Oil Pan Pump Setup Windage Vacuum Crankcase Pressure
18. Dry Sump Vs Wet Sump Oiling Set ups
Racelogic Traction Control Controller Digital Variable Wheel Speed ECU
19. Aftermarket Traction Control Unit
V8 Engine block Machining Fresh Rebuild
20. How to Correctly Break in a Fresh New Motor
Ethanol E85 Conversion Fuel Pump Steps
21. How to convert to E85 Ethanol based Fuels
V-band clamp exhaust fabrication
22. V-band Clamp Exhaust Fabrication

V-band clamp exhaust fabrication
23. Port and Polish Gasket Matching
V-band clamp exhaust fabrication
25. Exhaust Wrapping Vs. Coating (Temperature Control)

Air to Air Intercooler Front Mount FMIC Effiency

26. Torque Plates A MUST for built engine blocks


Got Boost Theme Turbochargers Superchargers Intercoolers Blow off Valve Wastegate TialTurbochargers Turbo's Turbos Tial Twin Turbo TT

Topics On Forced Induction (turbo and superchargers w/ supporting mods)

Want to really know about turbochargers? Check out our recently published book: How to Turbocharge and Tune your Engine

How to turbocharge and tune your engine Book

Roots Positive Displacement Blower Supercharger FI Forced Induction
1. Forced Induction
Air to Air Intercooler Core Garrett Tank Custom Flow Forced Induction
2. Air to Air vs Air to Water Intercoolers
Turbocharger Twin Scroll Housing Turbo Efficiency Wastegate T3 T4 Housing
3. Turbo Surge + Volumetric Efficiency
Intercooler Air to Air Exchanger Front Mount FMIC Endtanks
4.Intercooler Basics
Water/meth Injection Mixing Pump Fluid Forced Induction Octane
5. Water Meth/Alchy Injection
Mechanical Boost Controller Bleed Valve Turbo Wastegate Controller
6. Boost Controller Basics
Boost Spiking Turbo Flow Pressure Forced Induction Diagram Flow Turbocharger
7. Solving / Understanding Boost Spiking
Internal Wastegate Diaphrame Boost Control Spring Pressure Boost Modulation
8. Wastegates Internal vs External
Blow off Valve Resurculation Pop Off Valve BOV Turbo Surge Turbocharger
9. Vented vs recirculating Blow Off Valves
Turbo Manifold Design Tubular Log Equal Length Turbocharger Forced Induction T3 T4
10. Turbo Manifold Design
Intercooler Fin Density FMIC
11. DIY Intercooler Sprayer
Building Twin Scroll Equal Length Divided Turbo Turbocharger Manifold T3 T4
12. How to build your own turbo manifold
Quick Spool Valve Variable A/R Turbine Housing Turbo
13. Quick Spool Valve Dyno Tested and Reviewed
Turbo Flange Design T3 T4 T25 Mitusbishi Holset Garrett Borg Warner
14. Turbo Flange Information + Diagrams
Turbo Sizing Mitsubishi TD05 TD04 TD06
15. Turbo sizing chart for Mitsubishi Greddy turbo's
Air to Water Intercooler Heat Exchanger Custom Welded Aluminum Endtanks Huge
16. Setting Up VERY EFFICIENT Air To Water Intercoolers
Batmo Compressor wheel housing flow power turbo turbocharger technology
17. Batmo Compressor Wheels
Preturbo Pre-turbo Turbocharger Injection Water Meth Methanol Alcohol
18. Pre Turbo Injection (Methanol /Water)
Billet Vs Cast Compressor Wheels Turbo Turbocharging Efficiency Engineering Design Trim Inducer Exducer
19. Billet Vs Cast Compressor Wheels
GTX3576R Garrett Turbo Turbocharger New Release Flow Billit Compressor Wheel Trim
20. Garrett Releases GTX3576R Turbo
Garrett Logo Turbo Honeywell Turbochargers
21. Borg Warner Vs. Garrett Vs. Precision Turbo's. A comparative Look
Air to Air Intercooler Front Mount FMIC Effiency
22. Garrett Releases GTX40/88R Turbo
Air to Air Intercooler Front Mount FMIC Effiency
23. Intercooler Efficency Test. (REAL DATA ANALYSIS)
Long tube Front Mount turbo header Manifold 24. Long vs short runner length design with Turbo Manifolds. (applies to N/A as well)<
Intercooler Fin Density for colder AIT's and power25. Intercooler Fin Density + Efficiency Turbine A/R sizing for proper flow and power26. Selecting the right A/R Turbine for your Motor Turbine A/R sizing for proper flow and power27. What is Turbo Lag? Should you be scared of it?
Turbine A/R sizing for proper flow and power28. Selecting the right size of turbocharger Turbine A/R sizing for proper flow and power29. Garrett GTW Series Turbochargers

Air to Air Intercooler Front Mount FMIC Effiency

30. 3 port and 4 port boost controller (solenoids)




Above you will find many articles that will help you to understand more about the combustion engine. These articles are a collection of what one could call the more advanced theories and ideas behind how a motor works and functions. There is everything from upgrading cooling to upgrading power.

While has a basics section for those wanting to learn more of the basics of a 4 stroke motor, this area of the site is dedicated to those wanting to study the more advanced topics. If their is a topic you don't see above that you would like to see added, drop us a message using the contact button on the left side of the menu.

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